Basic Math Class 12

Mathematics class 12 videos According to National Examinations Board(NEB) Syllabus ,Nepal

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What will I learn?
  • After Completion of this Course, Students will get complete knowledge of class 12 Mathematics based on NEB Syllabus, and will be able to secure good marks in HSEB.

Curriculum for this course
412 Lessons 55h 7m
Unit-1 Algebra
136 Lessons 17h 35m
  • Students are required to have sound knowledge of Class 11 Math, based on NEB syllabus..

The videos herein are strictly based on Nepal NEB syllabus, promoting "e-Learning in Nepal" and are made with intention to provide guidance to the "Class 11 students", for securing good score in finals. This course tries to cover all the general knowledge for Logic & Set, Real Number, Relation & Function, Curve Sketching, Sequences & Series, Matrices & Determinant, Complex Number, Properties of Triangle, Solution of Triangle, Straight Line, Pair of Straight Line and Conic Section (Circle &Parabola). This course also comprises with Vector, Measure of dispersion, Probability, Limit and Continuity, Derivative, Application of Derivative, Linear Programming, Numerical Computation, Statistics and Dynamics and provide sufficient solutions of past questions and list of formula needed for completing Class 12's Compulsory Mathematics. We strongly believe that, viewers will be benefited from these videos. Feedbacks and advises are always welcome and highly appreciated!

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