Japanese Interview Preparation

This course contains the questions and answers for Japanese Interview Preparation.

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What will I learn?
  • After the completion of this course one can be able to pass the Interview taken by colleges or Language Schools of Japan and can also be able to face the interview taken in Nepal - japan Embassy during issuing visa.

Curriculum for this course
10 Lessons 1h 52m
Japanese Interview Preparation
6 Lessons 51m
  • 1. Interview Question Part 1 5 Minutes Free
  • 2. Interview Question Part 2 6 Minutes
  • 3. Interview Question Part 3 8 Minutes
  • 4. Interview Question Part 4 10 Minutes
  • 5. Interview Question Part 5 10 Minutes
  • 6. Interview Question Part 6 9 Minutes
  • Requirements
    • Students are required to know the Basic Japanese language.
    This course contains 50+ Questions related to Japanese Interview Preparation. This Interview Preparation video will help the students who are planning to go to Japan for their further studies. This will help them to pass the interview taken in Nepal - Japan Embassy during issuing the visa. This is also equally important to the workers who are planning to work in Japan in the future.
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